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Growing the family

An addition to the family is a qualified change in status, so employees may make certain changes to their health and insurance benefits coverage. They have 60 days from the birth or adoption of a child to change coverage. 

Here are the steps an employee can take before a birth or adoption:

Consider taking a leave of absence

Employees may want to take a leave of absence under Liberty Mutual’s Family Medical Leave policy or Liberty Mutual’s Parenting Leave policy. They should notify their manager as soon as possible and contact the HR Support Center at 1-877-564-4772 30 days prior to your leave. 

Review the Parenting Leave Guide

The Parenting Leave Guide is a step-by-step guide so employees know what to do and what they’ll need to think about to make sure leave goes smoothly. They may be eligible for paid time off under the policy. Read the guide for more information.

Learn more about the Adoption Assistance Program

Liberty Mutual also offers the Adoption Assistance Program which provides financial support to adoptive parents and allows for reimbursement of up to $20,000 of eligible expenses per child. Employees can log into the Portal for more information.

Review benefits

If an employee has questions about making a change to their coverage, they can call the Liberty Benefits Center at 1-800-758-4460.

Find support

Growing the family is an exciting time, and a time of change. The Work Life Solutions (EAP) Plan provides resources, immediate advice over the phone and referrals for online and face-to-face counseling for all ages. Employees can receive up to 10 free visits per family member, per issue, each year. Log into the Portal to view the Work Life Solutions website and phone number.

Here are the steps an employee can take after a birth or adoption:

Update coverage levels

Employees have 60 days from the date of the birth or adoption of a child to make changes to benefits. If they don’t make your changes within 60 days, they’ll have to wait until the next Annual Enrollment period unless they have another qualified status change. Employees can make eligible changes to their health and life insurance plans by visiting BenefitConnect.

Update beneficiaries

Employees must review and update beneficiary designations for retirement, life and AD&D insurance benefits. They can log into the Portal for a full list of direct links to the various beneficiary designations.

Change income tax withholding choice

Make sure tax withholding and exemptions are up-to-date. Employees can visit People at Liberty to update tax elections.

Create or update wills, trusts and related documents

Employees should make sure their important legal documents are up-to-date so they have a plan in place to provide for loved ones. Employees have access to self-help resources for financial documents as well as a no-cost 30 minute legal consultation through the Work Life Solutions (EAP) Plan. They can log into the Portal to view the Work Life Solutions website and phone number.

Contributing to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA)

The Liberty Mutual DCFSA lets employees set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible dependent care expenses. Enrollment cannot take place until the employee returns to work. Learn more on the FSA page.

Complete information about the Liberty Mutual Health, Employee Assistance Program, Insurance and Retiree Benefits Programs is included in the legal documents for each plan. As always if there are discrepancies between this information and the legal documents, the legal documents will govern. The Company reserves the right to change or terminate any plan, the terms of any plans, or cost-sharing arrangement at any time.
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