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Ayco financial counseling

Physical, emotional and financial well-being are all connected. Think about it — when your finances aren’t in the shape you want, do you feel stressed? You’re not alone. According to a study conducted by Fidelity, the Stanford Center on Longevity and Cornell University, nearly all of those surveyed reported feeling stressed about their overall financial situation in the past three months. Whether an employee stress causes trouble sleeping or an upset stomach, tending to employees financial health is an important part of caring for the whole employee.

Liberty is helping its employees to take control by giving employees access to Ayco financial counseling at no cost to employees. Along with decision support for annual enrollment employees can get:

  • One-on-one personalized financial coaching over the phone on benefits and other financial topics
  • Benefits seminars online (with live seminars at our largest facilities once we return to our offices)
  • Access to Ayco’s digital platform, which can help employees plan for life events and reach their goals. Whether an employee needs help building a budget, making investment decisions, reducing debt, funding a child’s education, planning for retirement or making benefit decisions, there’s a resource for everyone.
  • A financial well-being self-assessment (similar to a health assessment) that provides employees with a baseline score based on their current financial situation. Employees can complete actions on their personalized checklist to improve their score and financial well-being.

Employees can take advantage of this program to shore up an important pillar of their overall well-being! Log in to the Portal to access the Ayco website.

Who is Ayco?

What types of help can Ayco provide?

What if employees are not sure where to begin?

How long does a coaching session typically take?

How often does a coaching session require more than one call?

Can a person ask for the same adviser if there is a second call?

Can spouses/partners contact the Ayco counseling service?

What types of content are available on Ayco’s digital platform?

What type of information might employees want to have available to get the most from their coaching session?

What happens to employees' information if they stop using Ayco?

Will the information employees share be kept confidential?

What are the qualifications of Ayco’s phone coaches?

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